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Our Mission

Workplace Wellness and Preventive Healthcare Program

The Pharma Wellness International (PWII) “Workplace Wellness and Preventive Healthcare Programs” encourage members to better understand their health status and take responsibility for the management of their health by eating healthy, exercising and developing a healthy lifestyle. It is also designed to help them prevent and/or control Chronic Non-communicable Diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, High cholesterol and Obesity by adopting lifestyle changes that lead to improved healthy outcomes.

Baseline and Continous Assessment

On joining, members receive a series of baseline health checks to determine their health status. After that they are continuously assessed on a quarterly basis. All test results are given to members and they are encouraged to “Know their Numbers”. Members are counseled appropriately at each visit.

Who Pays For The Program

Employees of companies whose health insurance is covered by Guardian Life of the Caribbean, Brydens Insurance and ICBL will have the cost of their enrollment paid for by these companies, provided they have not used up their Preventive care allotment. Companies without health insurance coverage can join the program directly.


PWII has partnered with the UWI, The Endocrine Centre, Guardian Life of the Caribbean, Brydens Insurance and the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd to provide services for the program.